Computer Music 149 – The Beginners' Guide to Audio & Sampling

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• Nomad Factory MFX-Rack

Six superb processors in our exclusive multi-effects plug-in for Mac and PC. It's a noise gate, filter/overdrive, EQ, autopan/tremolo, delay and reverb all in one!

• 2043 24-bit samples in the Samplist's Toolkit

To complement our cover tutorial on audio and sampling, we serve up a collection of over 2000 'workhorse' sounds. Multisampled instruments, dance drum beats, fresh and funky FX, synth loops and more.

• Producer Masterclass tutorial and video: Foamo

He's got some of the biggest basslines in the business and remixed some of the coolest acts around. In this exclusive video, Foamo shows us how he creates his ear-battering, dance floor-filling beats using little more than Propellerhead Reason, Ableton Live and a MacBook Pro.


• The Beginners' Guide to Audio & Sampling

In the second of five monthly tutorials for beginners, we look at the fundamentals of recording, playing, manipulating and editing audio in your software DAW and sampler.

• The Max Factor

Get to grips with the core principles of Max for Live and begin building your own devices with our walkthrough guide!

• Fidget on a budget

In this recesion-busting dance music masterclass, we show you how to produce a fidget house track from start to finish, using nothing more than a few pieces of free and low-priced software

• CM Focus: Smooth R&B

Break out your soulful side with our guide to the production behind this ever popular and supremely polished genre. From sketching out basic rhythms and chords and recording vocals to dropping in slinky synth hooks and putting it all together, it's all in our concise guide!

• Githead interviewed

Arthouse supergroup Githead speak to CM! With members including Robin Rimbaud (aka Scanner) and personnel from Wire and Minimal Compact, this isn't your typical band, and they're no strangers to computer music either.

• Reviewed!


Samplitude 11

• u-he


Universal Audio

Trident A-Range EQ

• Lexicon

PCM Native Reverb Plug-in Bundle

• Softube

Passive-Active Pack

• Cableguys


• 112dB

Redline Preamp

• Progress Audio


• …and more


• Mid/side mastering: All you need to know about this specialist finalising technique

• Sound Essentials: Create reverse builds with master sound designer Scot Solida

• Off The Dial: rachMiel focuses on musical paradoxes

• The Easy Guide: Deconstructing second and seventh chords

• The Burning Question: What should my next upgrade be?

• And much more!

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