CM WORLD EXCLUSIVE: LinPlug's new synth!

LinPlug have quite the reputation for creating high quality soft synths, such as the excellent Albino 3 and Octopus, but they've been a bit quiet on that front since the release of Alpha 3 (which we reviewed in CM112). Thankfully, though, our patience has finally been rewarded: LinPlug are back with a brand new synth, and we've got it before anyone else!

MorphoX is essentially a hybrid virtual analogue synth, and includes all the standard VA features, such as a variety of blendable oscillator shapes, unison detune, ring, amplitude and frequency modulation, built in chorus and delay effects, arpeggiator, and modulation matrix. The main difference between MorphoX and LinPlug's other synths is the Morph Wheel, which allows the user to quickly and easily morph between two patches. Using this feature, it's possible to create highly expressive performances and complex sounds in real-time via MIDI.

We've only begun to scratch the surface of MorphoX in terms of programming, and we're looking forward to spending some quality time discovering its secrets and uncovering the extent of its sound design potential. We'll be reviewing it in CM160, but in the meantime, check out its scorching leads, bouncy basses and lush FM-style pad sounds in LinPlug's audio demos:

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