Boxed version of energyXT2.5 aims to be a 'studio on a stick'

Most music software comes as a download or on good old optical disc, but the brand-new boxed edition of energyXT2.5 is a little different. The latest version of what XT Software describe as "the fastest, most portable music creation software ever" should be in the stores right now (as well as available as a download from XT's website), and our own copy just showed up...

Nothing out of the ordinary there, but inside you'll find nothing more than a wad of 'quick start' pamphlets and reg code sheets, a packet of tasty silica gel, and - more unusually - a USB stick containing the software itself.

The idea is that you run the software directly from the USB stick (although you can install to your hard drive, if you wish), and XT Software reckon you can also use the drive for storing your projects, including recording and playback of audio files.

Since energyXT2.5 runs on OS X, Windows and Linux, it should make for a highly portable "studio on a stick" - just slap it in a spare USB slot, like so:

CM readers will no doubt already be familiar with energyXT2.5, as a special version - energyXT2.5 Core CM - is included with each issue of the magazine as part of the CM Studio. Not only that, but if you have Core, you can upgrade to the full thing for just 39 Euros

right here


We will, of course, be putting energyXT2.5 and the USB stick concept to the test presently. Will it really be a case of "plug and play"? Is the USB drive up to the task of handling audio recording? Find out in the upcoming CM review!