The Erae Touch MPE MIDI controller will give you another way to express yourself

18-inch light-up pad is heading for Kickstarter

Looking for all the world like a larger version of one of ROLI’s Lightpad Blocks, the Erae Touch is a new MPE-compatible MIDI controller from French company Embodme.

Spanning 18 inches, this promises to provide a highly sensitive continuous playing surface that responds to multiple dimensions of touch, giving you greater levels of expression. We’re promised both low latency and “high granularity”.

Details are pretty scarce at the moment but, as you’d expect, you’ll be able to create templates in a software app and then transfer them to the hardware. As well as being able to play notes, you’ll also have the option to create faders, buttons and the like.

The Erae Touch is set to land on Kickstarter at some point over the next few months with an early bird price of €700. The regular price will be €800, and it’ll ship with Nylon, an MPE-compatible synth from Wave Casual.

You can sign up for updates on the Embodme website.

(Image credit: Embodme)

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