How to program a Prodigy Full Throttle-style 'hollow' bass sound

A useful one for the UK garage, grime and '90s rave fans

Here we're looking at programming a '90s rave and UK garage-inspired bass sound, much like the one used in Prodigy's classic Full Throttle.

The 'hollow' bass used in Full Throttle is a sample that's been around since the '90s, but let's try creating it from scratch ourselves. The sound is similar to a classic garage patch - the type grime fans will recognise from Wiley's Eskimo instrumental - but with some extra FM-synthesis touches added.

Check out the two videos below, in which you'll see the basic patch created, then the hollow FM version tackled.

Read a full step-by-step walkthough

Programming an analogue hollow bass patch

Programming an FM hollow bass patch

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