Joe Bonamassa on soloing

Check out this exclusive solo with free full tab

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Joe Bonamassa plays a solo just for MusicRadar users
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This is a really long solo, so make sure you learn it in chunks
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Joe plays this solo very freely, so you use the transcription as a guide rather than copying each phrase exactly as Joe plays it
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When we asked blues guitar's latest hero, Joe Bonamassa to explain his approach to soloing he decided the best way to show you what he does was by tearing the fretboard up.

Joe starts with by playing a simple riff so you can hear what he's imagining himself playing over. He follows this with an epic solo which we've tabbed in full so you can learn some of Joe's licks yourself.

You can also check out our video of Joe showing you his live rig or his lesson where he shows you how he moves around the fretboard. For further information visit the official Joe Bonamassa website or the official Joe Bonamassa Myspace page.

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