How to play basic Newton Faulkner-style guitar

Newton Faulkner uses altered tunings to get his unique voicings

In this video lesson, Newton Faulkner begins breaking down his technique - starting with a basic fingerpicking example. This example uses open strings as well as fretted notes high up the neck, alongside an altered tuning to create his unique voicings.

Newton's tuning is DGDGAD (low to high), and although he actually has his whole guitar tuned a semitone lower than this (C# F# C# F# G# C#) we've notated the piece in the more standard pitch of D for your convenience.

There are a couple of nuances on the video, such as shaking the guitar slightly for vibrato and a tempo variation here and there, but this section is a gentle introduction for what promises to be an interesting and challenging piece.

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Newton uses mostly his first and third fingers on his fretting hand, but you can vary your fingering if you find it more comfortable another way. In bar 9 try playing both the 4th fret notes (B and F#) with your third and fourth fingers to make the stretch to the 2nd fret on the fifth string in bar 10 easier.

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