Video: YouTube drummer takes on Tommy Lee

Pauly808 pays tribute to the Mötley master

We're suckers for a good drum cover here at Rhythm, and here's a cracker for you. Take a look at Pauly808 taking on Tommy Lee.

The YouTube tub thumper has put together a series of covers in which he tackles classic Mötley Crüe tracks. Check out his take on 'Dr Feelgood' below.

YouTube :

Or how about 'Primal Scream'?

YouTube :

It's not just Sunset Strip's finest that Pauly has aped though, he's also had a go at Huey Lewis and the News classic 'The Power Of Love'. See it for yourself below.

YouTube :

You can see Pete Riley lay down 'The Power Of Love' in the latest issue of Rhythm. Take a look at what else you'll find in the mag right here.