Ueberschall Minimal Techno review

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Another minimal techno package, but is it any good?

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Our Verdict

There are better packages available.


  • Easy to use.


  • Not for perfectionists.
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Another outing for Ueberschall's Elastik engine, this library features 75 construction kits covering the minimal end of the techno spectrum.

The loops are of a decent standard and sound fairly convincing, but we've seen some truly superb minimal libraries recently and this one doesn't really add anything to an already crowded market.

If you need to create a lot of material in a hurry, the easy-to-use Elastik player and the interchangeable nature of the loops make Minimal Techno a useful tool but perfectionists should look elsewhere.

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Tech Specs

Features• Sophistcated grooves and soundscapes • Drums, basses, leads, pads, spheres and oneshots • 1.6 GB, 75 construction kits, 1200 loops and samples • Includes Elastik playback engine - use Standalone or with your DAW • Elastik features: highspeed timestretching and pitchshifting in best quality, innovative "LoopEye" for fast loop variations, all parameters midi controllable, multiple content management
DescriptionMinimal Techno contains compacted and subtracted club grooves which capture the latest spectrum of sound frameworks used in the scene. With highlights on devious sound anomalies and robust soundscapes. A wealth of options from 75 c-kits, 250 instrument loops, 75 drum kits and 234 knock-out one-shots.