Novation Launchpad Mini

iOS-compatible mini MIDI pad

Launchpad Mini? Wasn't the original small enough? Ah, but this one's iOS compatible, and the smaller size makes it even more compact and manoeuvrable.

All controls from big brother are present: 64 three-colour pads (not velocity sensitive), 16 buttons, still works great with Ableton Live for clip and scene launching, drum programming, effect sends, and basic volume control.

"It's a great alternative to a keyboard, for playing grid-based patterns, or programming drum parts"

Novation loves to advertise this as an input device for its Launchpad app, and it does that perfectly, especially when you use the Launchpad to fire clips, and the app to view track volume faders and effect controls.

The Launchpad is strong in many areas; with other iOS apps, and with Live, Reason, FL Studio... anything on your computer that receives MIDI. It's a great alternative to a keyboard, for playing grid-based patterns, or programming drum parts and basically whatever the 'big' Launchpad does this does it too, with a low-power mode for iOS use.

Even as a box with 64 illuminated buttons it's not too shoddy in a 185 x 185 x 16mm shell, but with everything else it can do it's a no brainer buy.

MusicRadar Rating

4.5 / 5 stars

Super portable. Works brilliantly with iOS apps and other MIDI-compatible programs.


Not a lot!


A hugely flexible device with bonus points for the quality of Novation's documentation and support.

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