Yamaha keyboard/notepad hybrid

Could portable music making be going retro?

Yamaha Key For Journey
Compose your song, then write it down...

While many of us are now using our laptops as fully-fledged production studios, it seems that Yamaha has devised a musical notebook of a different kind.

Via Engadget, we’ve learned of the ‘Key For Journey’ - a keyboard/sketchpad hybrid that was on show at the Milano Salone design exhibition in Italy.

So, how does it work? We’re not sure, to be honest; our suspicion is that the keyboard probably has a built-in piano sound and a headphones socket so that you can write songs on-the-go. A USB output would make sense, too, though we can’t see where this might fit.

Presumably, the notepad has been included so that you jot down your ideas – be they lyrics, melodies, chord progressions or anything else.

We should stress that this is very much a concept product, but it’s certainly an interesting one. Whether it really offers anything over and above a laptop, though – those keys look too small to be used for anything other than simple note input – is open to debate.

You can check out more of Yamaha’s concept pianos here.