Warp20 boxset: tracklisting revealed

Pretty soon, this could be your coffee table.

The tracklisting for the Warp20 boxset, which celebrates the seminal record label's 20thanniversary, has now been released.

To summarise: this lavishly-packaged bundle features not just more Warp music than you can shake stick at, but also a 192-page book featuring artwork from every Warp release.

It's the CDs and vinyl you'll be most interested in, though. Warp2 (Chosen) is a double-disc 'best of' featuring tracks selected via an online poll and hand-picked selections from label co-founder Steve Beckett, while Warp20 (Recreated) (another two-CD offering) is made up of Warp artists covering other Warp artists.

Warp20 (Elemental) is a mix CD from Osymyso, while Warp20 (Unheard) is a triple 10-inch of rare unreleased tracks, and Warp (Infinite) is two 10-inches of "groove loops".

The Warp20 boxset is available for discounted pre-order now at bleep.com Current prices are £85 (UK), $150 (US), €100 (Europe) and $130 (Rest of the world).

The tracklistings for all but Elemental and Infinite have been confirmed and are yours to pore over on the next page.

Warp20 (Chosen)

Disc 1: As chosen by fans on Warp20.net

01. Aphex Twin 'Windowlicker' (6.08)
02. Boards Of Canada 'Roygbiv' (2:31)
03. Squarepusher 'My Red Hot Car' (4:19)
04. Battles 'Atlas' (7:07)
05. LFO 'LFO (Leeds Warehouse Mix)' (5:19)
06. Plaid 'Eyen' (4:20)
07. Luke Vibert 'I Love Acid' (4:19)
08. Autechre 'Gantz Graf' (3:58)
09. Jimmy Edgar 'I Wanna Be Your STD' (5:04)
10. Clark 'Herzog' (4:23)

Disc 2: As chosen by Warp co-founder Steve Beckett

01. Broadcast 'Tender Buttons' (2:52)
02. Squarepusher 'My Sound' (6:07)
03. Boards Of Canada 'Amo Bishop Roden' (6:16)
04. Battles 'Race : Out' (3:30)
05. Flying Lotus 'GNG BNG' (3:39)
06. Black Dog Productions - Xeper 'Carceres Ex Novum' (6:43)
07. Nightmares On Wax 'I'm For Real' (6:19)
08. Mike Ink 'Paroles (Original)' (5:34)
09. Aphex Twin 'Bucephalus Bouncing Ball' (5:45)
10. Jamie Lidell 'Daddy's Car' (4:06)
11. Squarepusher/AFX 'Freeman Hardy & Willis Acid' (5:43)
12. Seefeel 'Spangle' (7:21)
13. Autechre 'Drane' (10.52)

Warp20 (Recreated)

Disc 1

01. Born Ruffians 'Milkman/To Cure A Weakling Child' (Originals by Aphex Twin) (5:30)
02. Jimi Tenor 'Japanese Electronics' (Original by Elecktroids) (5:25)
03. Tim Exile 'A Little Bit More' (Original by Jamie Lidell) (4:03)
04. Rustie ' Midnight Drive' (Original by Elecktroids) (3:37)
05. Luke Vibert 'LFO' (Original by LFO) (5:47)
06. Autechre 'What Is House? (LFO Remix)' (Original by LFO) (4:25)
07. Russell Haswell 'Cabasa Cabasa' (Original by Wild Planet) (4:59)
08. Clark 'So Malleable' (Original by Milanese) (4:57)
09. Diamond Watch Wrists 'Fool In Rain' (Original by Pivot) (5:29)
10. Hudson Mohawke ft. Wensday Night 'Paint The Stars' (Original by Jimi Tenor) (3:04)

Disc 2

11 Mark Pritchard '3/4 Heart' (Original by Balil - Black Dog Productions) (7:12)
12. Mira Calix with Oliver Coates 'In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country' (Original by Boards Of Canada) (6:16)
13. Pivot 'Colorado' (Original by Grizzly Bear) (4:13)
14. Bibio 'Kaini Industries' (Original by Boards Of Canada) (3:40)
15. Jamie Lidell 'Little Brother' (Original by Grizzly Bear) (4:41)
16. Leila 'Vordhosbn' (Original by Aphex Twin) (5:00)
17. John Callaghan 'Phylactery' (Based on Tilapia by Autechre) (5:34)
18. Gravenhurst 'I Found The F' (Original by Broadcast) (3:25)
19. Plaid 'On My Bus' (Original by Plone) (4:15)
20. Seefeel 'Acrobat' (Original by Maximo Park) (4:02)

Warp20 (Unheard)

10" 1

A1. Boards of Canada 'Seven Forty Seven' (8:36)
B1. Autechre 'Oval Moon (IBC mx)' (7:18)
B2. Clark 'Rattlesnake' (2:01)

10" 2

C1. Plaid 'Dett' (5:08)
C2. Elecktroids 'Elecktroids Bonus Circuit' (2:48)
D1. Flying Lotus 'Tronix' (3:45)
D2. Nightmares On Wax 'Biofeedback Dub' (5:14)

10" 3

E1. Plaid 'Sam Lac Run' (4:00)
E2. Nightmares On Wax 'Mega Donutz Dub' (5:15)
F1. Broadcast 'Sixty Forty' (4:31)
F2. Seefeel 'As Link' (3:12