The AKAI MPC2000 you can fit in your pocket

And it's not a software emulation

You'll need pretty small fingers to play those pads.

Chances are that you've got several USB flash drives by now - including a couple of quaint old ones that have about 16MB of memory. However, we'll wager that, within a minute or so, you're going to want a couple more.

The products you'll be interested in are modelled on two classic drum machine/samplers: AKAI's MPC2000XL and E-MU's SP-1200. Just a glance at the pictures should be enough to have you reaching for your credit card, but, for the record, we should tell you that each drive has a 4GB capacity and supports USB 2.0.

The PVC rubber construction, meanwhile, is set to make these achingly hip storage devices super-durable.

Each drive costs $39.95 plus shipping and handling. Deliveries will start in mid-May.

If you want to place an order, you'd better be quick, as the manufacturer believes that it'll be sold out by 8 May.

SP1200 flash drive

SP1200 flash drive

MPC2000 flash drive

MPC2000 flash drive

(Via Future Music)


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