Numark TTi deck offers direct-to-iPod recording

The TTi enables you to record your favourite vinyl straight to your iPod.

We´ve seen computer-friendly USB turntables already, but the Numark TTi takes things a step further by enabling you to transfer your record collection directly to your iPod.

With its built-in dock, the TTi is compatible with the Classic and fifth generation models of Apple´s music player. Owners of other iPods needn´t fret, though - you can easily hook the turntable up to your Mac or PC (over USB, natch) then download your recorded vinyl to your music player via iTunes.

The TTi comes with two digital audio conversion apps: EZ Vinyl Converter 2 for PC and EZ Audio Converter for Mac. Both feature Gracenote´s MusicID technology, which is designed to retrieve album, artist and song information for your vinyl recordings.

Other features of the hardware itself include line level RCA outputs and a ±10% pitch control.

Available now, the Numark TTI costs £150. If you require more detailed specs, you can find them on the Numark website.