NI releases Kore 2 software-only version

Kore 2 Software Edition is more affordable than the full version of Kore 2.

One of the main selling points of Native Instruments Kore 2 is the tight integration between its software and hardware. This being the case, it seems slightly strange that the company is now offering a software-only version.

This is exactly what's happening, though: Kore 2 Software Edition is available now and offers all the functionality of the application that ships with the full-on Kore 2 bundle.

The software is powered by six of Native Instruments' sound engines and comes with 500 unique KoreSounds. 30 effects are built-in, too, while Audio Units and VST plug-ins are also supported. You'll find further details in MusicRadar's original Kore 2 review.

Although the Software Edition is designed for people who want to use their own MIDI controller hardware, anyone who buys it will have the option of adding the Kore 2 controller at a later date. It's available now for Mac and PC priced at $229/€199/£170.

NI has also announced the Kore Electronic Experience - a bundle of seven Kore Soundpacks. This costs $229/€199.