Native Instruments releases Rise & Hit instrument

Designed to build "cinematic tension"

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Life just got easier for film and video game composers looking to inject some tension into their soundtrack work. Native Instruments has unveiled Rise & Hit - a new Kontakt instrument dedicated to that exact task.

Similar to NI's previous cinematic instruments Action Strikes and Action Strings

Drawing on a range of over 4000 samples (an impressive 8GB library), the new instrument uses a variety of sounds, including orchestral and synthesised tones, to create effected swells and hits that could prove very useful for a certain sector of soundtrack design. Effect options include the standard delay and reverb, plus a whopping 26 customisable filters and a suite of mastering effects, including compression, saturation and EQ.

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Native Instruments Rise & Hit official press release

Over 4000 samples are used in 700 single-layer and 250 multi-layer pre-designed sounds for creating hair-raising build-ups consisting of a swelling "riser" and a shorter, climactic "hit". Each sound comes in four separate lengths to drastically alter the rise length, plus a transient "whoosh" hit option easily match any score without losing sound quality along the way. Up to four sounds can be layered at a time to create highly complex textures.

Readily available are a wide selection of effects to add character and radically alter sounds. Reverb and delay add sonic depth, while 26 custom filters allow quick frequency design for when inspiration strikes. 29 spatial, dynamic, and distortion effects, offer advanced control of sound stage, size, and texture.

Once a build-up is ready to be finalized, a suite of additional mastering effects such as compression, saturation, and equalization can be applied to fine-tune the sound.

Pricing and availability

RISE AND HIT is available now at the NI Online Shop for $149 / 149 € / £129 / ¥ 17,800. It runs in KONTAKT 5 and the free KONTAKT 5 PLAYER.