NAMM 2008: Build your own synths in FL Studio 8

DAW update also adds a sample player and beat slicer

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FL SynthMaker features an accessible graphical interface

FL SynthMaker features an accessible graphical interface.
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Slicex is an advanced beat slicer

Slicex is an advanced beat slicer.
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You can play but not edit sampler patches in Direct Wave Player

You can play but not edit sampler patches in Direct Wave Player.

FL Studio - the app that grew out of the hugely popular FruityLoops - is set to be updated to version 8. This will contain hundreds of small changes and fixes, but perhaps the biggest news concerns the integration of three additional bits of software.

Foremost of these is FL SynthMaker. This is a special version of OutSim's SynthMaker application that's tailored to support FL Studio's feature set. It enables you to build your own synths via a graphical drag 'n' drop interface (no coding knowledge is required), though dozens of pre-rolled instruments also come included.

Next up is the Direct Wave Player, a slimmed-down version of the Direct Wave sampler that's currently available as an FL Studio plug-in. The Player edition enables you to load and play programs but not to edit them.

Finally, there's Slicex, an advanced beat slicer/looper. Here, each beat is MIDI-assignable, while there are modulation, layering and filtering options aplenty.

Other notable additions in FL Studio 8 include slip editing of audio tracks (the handling of which has been revamped) and motorised feedback for controllers that support this feature (the Mackie Control Universal, for example).

We don't yet know when FL Studio 8 will be shipping or how much it'll cost, but it certainly looks like one to keep an eye on. You can track its progress on the FL Studio website.