Minimoog V custom MIDI controller unveiled

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60 Works PMM click the image for more photos

60 Works' PMM: click the image for more photos.

60 Works PMM

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60 Works PMM close-up

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60 Works PMM with lid turned up

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60 Works PMM with lid facing down

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60 Works PMM with lid on

The current fashion for custom soft synth controllers is one that we wholeheartedly approve of: not only do these devices add tactility to virtual instruments, but they also help to give them a genuine sense of character.

The latest example of the genre comes from 60 Works', and was built for Mark B, Producer/Owner of International Feel Recordings. It's called the PMM and is designed to be used with version 2.0 of Arturia's Minimoog V.

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The controller itself looks pretty sweet, but what tops it off (quite literally) is the perfectly-matched lid that should make travelling with the PMM a breeze.

What's more, unlike some other custom controllers, there's a chance that you might actually be able to buy this one: drop Dave Cross at 60 Works a line if you're interested.