Magneat: earphone cable management yo-yo style

Fix your tangled-wire woes

Plain, love or skull?

Every now and again someone will design a product to fix a problem that we didn't even know we had. Sure, headphone cables get tangled up: it's a fact of life, and one that will eventually fix itself and go away when wireless technology takes over the world. For now, though, here's Magneat: the earphone cable management system.

How it works

It looks and works a bit like a yo-yo, which attaches to clothing via a magnet. Any excess headphone cable can then be wound away and locked off. That's it. It looks small, so we're guessing any heavy-duty headphone usage is out of the question.

Design wise, we like the 'I love music' theme. Why always the need to specify a type?

One Magneat will set you back $14.90 plus postage. If you're easily irritated, buy one here.

(Via: BoingBoing)