M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 announced

New micro controller to take on Korg and Akai models

M Audio Keystation Mini 32

Given its strong presence in the MIDI controller keyboard market, it's perhaps a surprise that it's taken until now for M-Audio to release a mini USB model to rival Korg's nanoKey and microKey and Akai's LPK25. However, such a model is now here in the shape of the Keystation Mini 32.

As its name suggests, this gives you 32 low-profile keys to play with, and you can adjust the velocity curve to suit your playing style (there's a curve specifically designed for drum programming, too). There are also four assignable controls: a single knob and three buttons.

iPad owners will note that it's compatible with Apple's tablet via the Camera Connection Kit.

Expect to see the Keystation Mini 32