Get Moog-made patches in Circuit30

The Kontakt 2 version of Circuit30 in all its Moog-inspired retro glory

Anyone who's looking to add some Moog magic to their productions might like to consider Puremagnetik's Circuit30. This is a new collection of multisampled sounds and loops that's based exclusively on Moog circuitry.

A wide range of Moog synths, effects and control processors was used in the development of Circuit30, and the collection is being released in Ableton Live, Native Instruments Kontakt 2 and Logic/GarageBand formats.

Each of these variants comes with 30 multisampled instruments, and there's also further content that takes advantage of the specific software's features.

The Circuit30 packs can be downloaded now by Puremagnetik subscribers. For more information (including subscription rates) go to the company website.