Eigenlabs' Eigenharp: the instrument of the future?

See it for yourself in video

Eigenlabs Eigenharp
MusicRadar finds out what makes the Eigenharp tick.
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Eigenlabs' Eigenharp is an instrument like no other. It has remarkably sensitive keys that you can press; strip controllers that you can rub; and a breath pipe that you can blow into. To call it unique almost feels like an understatement.

Yesterday, MusicRadar was invited along to The Hospital in London for one of several Eigenharp launch events. As you'll see in the video above, we got the chance to speak to its creator and to quiz someone who's actually learned to play it.

Will you want one? Almost certainly, but whether you'll be able to afford the £3,950 asking price for the flagship Alpha model is another matter entirely. There is, however, an entry-level option in the shape of the Pico. At £349, we'll wager that this will be finding its way into a stocking or two this Christmas.