DreamStation II hosts all your plug-ins

Broader remit for second version of Audio Simulation's software

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The package comes with the DreamStation DXi2 synth and five effects plug-ins.
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DreamStation II enables you to create music from scratch.

Audio Simulation has released a successor to its ageing DreamStation synth. DreamStation II is a rather different proposition to its predecessor in that it's a 'virtual synth workstation' that's capable of hosting both effect and instrument plug-ins.

The software can handle DX and VST plug-ins of all varieties and also comes with an updated sequencer. This offers Piano Roll and Tracking views and enables you to work with MIDI and audio. Automation features are in place too.

DreamStation II also sports a greatly improved mixer. This can deal with signals from your plug-ins and audio tracks and supports insert and send effects. A range of these is available for use on each channel.

Also in the DreamStation II package is DreamStation DXi2. This is a polyphonic, 3-oscillator virtual analogue synth that's based on the first DreamStation. Combining subtractive and FM synthesis, it can also be downloaded on its own for free.

The bundle is completed by five effects plug-ins: DSFX Chorus, DSFX Flanger, DSFX Phaser, DSFX Reverb and DSFX Distortion.

DreamStation II is available now for PC and costs $99. A demo version and the free edition of DreamStation DXi2 can be downloaded from the Audio Simulation website.