Keeley "perfects" full-range transparent overdrive with Super Phat Mod pedal

Guitar effect refines original BD-2 mod

Robert Keeley started out in the FX business modifying existing circuits, one of which was the Super Phat mod for the Boss BD-2; now, the pedal guru has announced the Super Phat Mod full range overdrive, the latest evolution of that design.

Incorporating specially selected JFETs, the Super Phat Mod delivers natural break-up and dynamic tones that are highly responsive to pick attack - with this one, Keeley reckons he's "perfected" the design.

The pedal is controlled via level, tone and drive knobs, while a Phat switch offers a slight bass boost, ideal for Strat and Tele players.

There's a lot of lineage in this pedal, and we can't wait to put it through its paces. The Super Phat Mod is available now for $149 in the USA, and for £149 from 15 December in the UK.