IK Multimedia releases iRig 2 mobile guitar audio interface

Promises better sound and an amplifier output

Announced earlier this year, IK Multimedia has now released the second-generation version of its iRig iOS audio interface for guitarists.

The biggest addition is the 1/4-inch amplifier output, which enables you to use the iRig 2 to integrate your favourite amp/effect modelling software into your real guitar rig. You can switch between two modes of operation: FX sends the processed signal to the amp output; Thru sends a clean one.

As before, there's an instrument input and a headphones output, while a thumbwheel enables you to dial in the correct amount of gain. As well as being compatible with iOS, iRig 2 also works with PC, Mac and certain Android devices.

iRig 2 is available now priced at £29.99/$39.99/€29.99. You can find out more on the IK Multimedia website.

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