Ask MusicRadar: what's the best heavy metal album of all time?

UPDATE: we have a winner!

UPDATE: We have a winner! Click here to read The 50 Greatest Heavy Metal Albums Of All Time

Following in the hallowed footsteps of Hendrix, Metallica, The Beatles, Synths and Riffs, starting 26 April, it's time to raise those devil horns and push your way through to the mosh pit for the loudest seven days in the history of MusicRadar… it's Metal Week!

Coinciding with AC/DC's Iron Man 2 soundtrack release, this April we'll be celebrating all things metal: the greatest bands, the gear they use/abuse and, of course, the sonically-terrorizing music that is Metal in a none-more-brutal week of metal features, interviews, galleries and tutorials.

To get things started, put down that Epiphone Graveyard Disciple guitar and answer the following question: what's the best heavy metal album of all time?

What punches harder and heavier than anything else? Is it something from Metallica? Or what about one of Venom's? Hows about a Sabbath album? Or perhaps an LP by Celtic Frost or Slayer or Ozzy or Sunn O))) or Saxon or Lamb Of God or Tool or…

From hardcore to grindcore, NWOBHM to hairspray via death, black, thrash, speed and EVERYTHING EVER - if it's your favourite heavy metal album, we need to know about it!


What to do

Get involved! Choose your album (or albums) and share it (or them). Just tell us the band, the album title and your reasons why - and here's how to do it…

From your answers we'll create a shortlist, followed by a poll, until we're left with the best heavy metal album of all time. Start below and we'll see you on 26 April…

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