6 things we learnt about music last week

Limp Diamond, death metal and more

Hollywood star

We didn't post a # things we've learned about music this week, last week, because Frankurt Musikmesse 2009 took over and nothing else of consequence happened.

Ok, music never stops, so you'll find a few more important snippets of news from the past two weeks below. From unlikely death metal to even more unlikely collaborations…

1. Ryan Adams goes 'death metal' (again)

Adams has posted three new tracks under his occasional 'death metal' side-project moniker Werewolph. You can listen to Dead People Unite, Evil Weekend and Mega Wizards on a player situated underneath the weird pentagon pizza thing. Good to see the hiatus didn't last too long…

2. Musicians are getting in on the web begging scene

Ok, it's not really a scene, but following in the footsteps of the Twitchhiker (travels the world with free accommodation and lift offers from his Twitter followers) is electro artist FrankMusik. He was dumped in Loch Ness with £20 and had to gig his way to London – begging fans for food and clothing along the way.

It's part of The Live & Lost Tour, highlights of which are available to watch on MySpace. The BBC spoke to FrankMusik (aka Vincent Frank) about how he did it.

3. Noel Gallagher is a "bit worried" about his Gibson 355

When blogging about buying a new Gibson SG – "a reissue of the George [Harrison] model", kind of like the one above – Gallagher let slip on the state of his Gibson 355. You know, "the big red one"…

"Talking of guitars, I'm getting a bit concerned about my main one. The big red one. It's suddenly started to sound a bit old and tired. And it will NOT stay in tune. It is nearly 50 years old though. Might have to stop using it for a while. Bit worried, to be honest. I'm quite literally fucked without it."

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4. The list of unreformed bands is getting smaller

We found out about Bad Company'sreformation and planned tour a few weeks ago, but it turns out one date at Virginia Beach is a monstrous "classic rock" double whammy with The Doobie Brothers. Bad Company guitarist Mick Ralphs is also hitting the road with previous band Mott The Hoople in October.

Who's next? Spandau Ballet? Oh, hang on…

5. George Harrison honoured with Hollywood 'star'

Back to the late Beatle: George Harrison is being honoured posthumously with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. There's a ceremony next week (14 April) outside the Capitol Records building who'll also be announcing plans for a new Harrison release.

Oh, and he's also the subject of Martin Scorsese's latest documentary film.

6. Neil Diamond and Fred Durst collaborate via Twitter

Don't get us wrong, we love Twitter and the communication possibilities it provides, but when Sweet Caroline crooner Neil Diamond and Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst share a public display of affection leading to a musical collaboration… we're running for the hills.