14 more outrageous guitars from the internet

A couple of months ago, we compiled a list of the 14 most outrageous guitars on the internet. We loved it, and you loved it, so the only sensible course of action seemed to be to find 14 more.

Once more we've unleashed MusicRadar's crack team of cyber bloodhounds and they've been busily sniffing the crotch of an unsuspecting internet, hot on the trail of the most remarkable instruments begat by humankind. Frankly, when you scroll through this selection of weird, wonderful and just plain wrong luthiery, we're sure you'll agree that they've excelled themselves again.

So, without further ado, seconds out, here's round two:

14. Peavey Custom Shop Odyssey II

We saw this on the Peavey stand at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2009 and thought initially, oh, here's yet another electric guitar that looks like a shark. And then we noticed that the headstock is a massive foot. To play this one, you're really going to need a bigger boat.

13. Homebrew 'Baby Got Back' electric

If you like big butts and you cannot lie, this is the guitar for you.

12. The LCDetar

Visionary Instruments' Ben Lewry crammed a laptop into a guitar, and uses it to run musical visualisation software. It's also handy for checking Facebook during a gig.

11. The Pacman guitar

Luthier Ian Schneller was commissioned to build this videogame-inspired six string back in 1998. It's certainly a better attempt than this.

10. ESP Custom Shop axe

The ESP Custom Shop has been responsible for more than its fair share of guitar excess over the years, and few guitars say 'metal' more than this beauty, spotted at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2009. Not for indie kids.

9. The Speak n' Spellbinder

Strictly speaking, AJ Gannon's madcap Guitar Hero controller/Speak & Spell mash up isn't a guitar, but the fact that it's guitar-shaped and a valid musical instrument is good enough for us. Check the video:

8. Wishnevsky Instruments Banana Bass

Luthier Steve Wishnevsky specialises in rustic instruments, and this lefthanded, fretless acoustic bass seems to take its design cues from early harp guitars. And a banana.

7. Scary fish bass

We don't know much about this bass, so we won't be carping on about it too much. It's pretty remackerelable though.

6. A giant Flying V

Or just a very small man?

5. Yoshihiko Satoh's Present Arms

Japanese artist Yoshihiko Satoh creates sculptures that are enlarged, multiplied versions of everyday mass-produced goods in order to "unleash the energy residing in their function and shape." There are many multi-neck guitars out there, but this award-winning 12-neck from 2002 makes Rick Nielsen's five-neck Hamer look understated by comparison.

4. The Lego guitar

We gather than tuning stability is something of an issue, but the fact that this instrument is playable at all is something of an achievement. More pictures and information here.

3. The penis bass

In a similar vein to the Wangcaster, only a little more seventies. We don't really know what to say about this other than 'sorry'.

2. Andy Manson's Mermaid Guitar

Like a much classier and less morally dubious version of Teenar, Girl Guitar, Andy Manson's Mermaid Guitar sculpture is a truly remarkable piece of work. Visit Andy Manson's website for detailed images and background information.

1. Yoshihiko Satoh's Glory Arms

Yoshihiko Satoh's second entry tops our rundown, and is an even more impressive 12-neck guitar sculpture from 2003. Just imagine what the case looks like.


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