Speak n' Spellbinder: Guitar Hero meets circuit bending

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Speak n' Spellbinder

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Speak n' Spellbinder

The Speak n' Spellbinder is "a Speak n' Spell and a Rock Band guitar all mashed into one."

All the buttons on the Speak & Spell are mapped to the Rock Band controller's frets, resulting in a "plastic speech axe complete with tone triggers, pitch control, whammy bar and more."

If you're unfamiliar with the art of circuit bending, a look at the 'Spellbinder's creator AJ Gannon in the video below will give you an idea of what it sounds like.

Speak n spellbinder

Speak n' spellbinder

This particular mod is being used in Gannon's upcoming Toy Volcano album, which will, apparently, 'knock our faces off.'

A quick look through his other creations - The Space Cavern Synth and Demon Attack LFO, the circuit bent Casio SK5 and Fisher Price FPCMM and The Bee Gee's Super Destroy Machine (to name but a few) - make us inclined to believe it.

(Via: Ubergizmo)