Vic Firth USB-powered LED Lite Stix light up the stage

7 lights, 3 strobes, 2 sticks… for £209!

Lite Stix in action

Drum stick giants Vic Firth have taken the humble hickory hitter to a whole new level: by adding a mini USB port and a powerful LED light in each tip.

They're called Lite Stix, and while they resemble Vic Firth's American Classic Rock models in appearance, the tips emit seven colours (green, blue, red, violet, aqua, yellow and ice blue) with a three-speed strobe effect.

The mini USB port sits right at the base of the stick for charging purposes, and Vic Firth promise a minimum of four hours use when fully charged.

Vic firth lite stix

Vic firth lite stix

Vic firth lite stix

Vic firth lite stix

Lite Stix were on display at this year's winter NAMM, and as the video below proves, they really do light up the stage. Although, you'd have to be truly dedicated to showmanship to part with the £209.99 RRP

Silver Bullet

While we're on the subject, Vic Firth have announced a mini overhaul to its existing lines. In a nutshell: new Anti-Slip Vic Grip coating is available on 5A, 5B, 7A, 2B and Rock sticks with wood tips (RRP £13.80) and nylon tips (RRP £14.20). American Classic 5A and 5B sticks now come in a black finish (RRP £10.69). And, there's even an all-new tip option: the aluminium Silver Bullet - available in 5A and 5B configurations (RRP £14.49).

See Vic Firth's official site for more information.