NAMM 2008: Pearl Drum's 'bright yellow' Brazilian percussion

Pearl announces the Brazilian Caixa snare drum, surdos and adaptor kit

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The surdos are the bass-voice of the Brazilian line-up
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The snare is known as the Caixa (Kai-sha) when played in Samba music
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Making use of the leg/bass drum adaptor kit
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The surdos can be played vertically or horizontally

Pearl has launched the Brazilian percussion line, all highlighted by a bright yellow plastic covering with green and blue accents - the colours of Brazil.

The Brazilian snare drum - known as the Caixa (Kai-sha) when played in Samba music - features a 12"x4" wood shell, drum key tunable textured heads, and a SR-018 style throw-off.

The surdos are the bass-voice of the line-up and are available in 18"x22" and 22"x22" sizes. Both include two-ply tunable heads with an outer ply of synthetic leather.

All the drums can be played traditionally around the shoulder with the provided straps, or attached to an auxiliary stand. The Leg/Bass drum adaptor kit allows the surdo to be played vertically like a floor tom or horizontally with a pedal like a bass drum.


The surdo's will set you back $399 (18"x22") and $430 (22"x22"), while the Caixa costs $132. Pearl's Leg/Bass Drum Adaptor Kit is $99. For more information, visit Pearl Drums.