Hammerax use a new alloy for Indigo cymbals

Play the small buttons for more unique stick tones.

Hammerax have unveiled Indigo, its new range of multi-cup cymbals with a complex wash and ultra dark tone. Multiple patent claims have been filed on the technology used in Indigo cymbals which include a new alloy.

Drummers can play multiple points for a variety of ride and crash tones or play the small buttons for more unique stick tones. Pictured is the Indigo 20" Ultra Dark Crash with three additional outer cups with three small buttons. Also available is an 18" Dark Crash and a 16" Flat ride.

"All our pieces are stick playable and very tough. They are for drummers as well as percussionists," says Hammerax president John Stannard. "Our mission is to shake up ears and preconceptions."

Hammerax prices range from US $50 to $750.

Visit the website for more information about the Indigo range.