Beatles and Blues!

Here are three more solos from Nev’s Total Guitar list… Remember we’d also like to see some of yours, but do them in the same format so they are also informative to other readers…

Track: Sweet Little Angel
Artist: BB King
Who played it: BB King
Genre: Blues
UK chart position: Didn’t chart
Why it rocks: Although not the father of electric blues guitar (that accolade must go to the great T-Bone Walker) BB King refined it into the art form we know today. On Sweet Little Angel, BB pulls out all the stops to create a glorious backdrop to his heartfelt vocal performance.
Find it on: How Blue Can You Get
Did you know? BB King almost never plays and sings at the same time. When he’s singing his arm hangs loosely by his side until it’s time to play a fill or solo.

Track: Double Crossing Time
Artist: John Mayall’s Blues Breakers
Who played it: Eric Clapton
Genre: Blues
UK chart position: 6
Why it rocks: This album defined a tone and a style that would be the inspiration for both Eddie Van Halen, Gary Moore and a million others. Double Crossing Time brims with dark, menacing blues licks taken from Freddie King’s repertoire and cranked up to new levels. It’s classic Clapton with major 3rds, 6ths and b7th outlining the song’s strong dominant feel.
Find it on: Blues Breakers With Eric Clapton
Did you know? Clapton refused to turn his Marshall combo down in the studio: to get his sound it needed to be flat out and producer Gus Dudgeon’s task was to get this previously unheard-of volume onto tape – which he did with historic success.

Track: And Your Bird Can Sing
Artist: The Beatles
Who played it: George Harrison and Paul McCartney
Genre: Pop
UK chart position: 1
Why it rocks: Whether or not this was the first dual lead guitar solo or not, the fact that it was played using naturally overdriven guitars (possibly Paul and George’s matching Epiphone Casinos) gave it a genuinely groundbreaking ‘modern’ sound. Harmonised in 3rds around the open E position, it was a complex piece of work for its day.
Find it on: Revolver
Did you know? John Lennon claimed that, apart from Dig A Pony (from Let It Be), this was the worst thing he ever wrote (but what did he know?)!