Vox JamVox: We’ve Played It

We’ve moaned, dribbled, and stamped our feet at UK distributors Korg, but we’ve managed to get hold of both copies of Vox’s brand new ‘Jam and Practice Tool': JamVox.

As well as including a huge and flexible selection of guitar tones and virtual rigs, the system’s GTX function allows you to remove certain frequencies of classic songs.

Upload them from your iTunes library, set the Extract button to do it’s stuff and you can play along to tunes without the guitar solo, allowing you to murder (or reinvent) said ditty.

It’ll be reviewed in a future issue of Guitarist, but we spent most of yesterday living out our rock fantasies. We were Brian May, Angus Young and Dave Murray and today, Matthew, we’re going to be...well, we’ll boot it up and decide. Prince, maybe...?

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