It's here! The CM Essential Selection 2010

Get your hands on a massive collection of top-quality instruments and effects

Included are drums (samplers, synths and classic machines); effects (both studio stalwarts and creative tools); samplers, ROMplers and exotic instruments; useful utilities; amp sims (tubes, valves and transistors); a huge selection of synths and much more! It all comes with Computer Music Special 44 (magazine + DVD out now!).

With this top-quality collection of instruments and effects – ranging from the truly unique to the amazing, outstanding and downright outlandish – you'll have everything you need to re-inspire your sessions, fill a gap in your setup or get off the beaten track to discover some unique sounds.

Heading up the synth list CM brings you the world-exclusive debut of R.I.P. from Krakli Software, which has already received glowing praise from pro producers.

If you're new to the computer music world, the included Plug-In Startup Guide will get you off and running with the collection, and inside the magazine you'll find a comprehensive guide to all the featured plug-ins, including tutorials and tips for getting the most out of them.

Computer Music Special 44

Don't miss out! UK available now; Europe and online orders from 27/10; North America from 17/11; ROW from 1/12

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