Computer Music 139 – The CM Guide to Ableton Live 8

Computer Music 139, June issue, on sale now! The CM Guide to Ableton Live 8, make money with your music, Michael Woods Producer Masterclass, 1,988 samples and Magix Samplitude 10 SE on the disc, and much more!

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• Magix Samplitude 10 SE

Incredible complete audio and MIDI music production package for PC, with a tutorial in the mag to get you started!

• 1,988 samples
Over 1.5GB of retro videogame-inspired sounds! Kits, loops, hits and FX are all here in WAV and CMplay formats

• Producer Masterclass tutorial and video: Michael Woods
Ubiquitous house music maestro Michael Woods is the latest pro producer to lay his techniques bare for Computer Music. Watch the video to find out how he created the smooth intro and slamming beats of his reinvention of Rhythm On The Loose's classic tune Break of Dawn.


• The CM Guide to Live 8
Unlock the power of Ableton's latest DAW for studio and stage with our massive step-by-step guide. Get a grip on new features like the overhauled warp engine; the groove quantise system; new effects like Vocoder, Looper and Multiband Dynamics; group tracks; audio clip-fading; and much more!

• Show me the money
Make money with your music! Whether you're looking for a full-time musical career or just to subsidise your income, we've got the lowdown on how you can turn production into profit.

• Miss Kittin & The Hacker interviewed
Having reunited to release their second album, these original electro bandits speak to CM about their approach to production and the good and the bad of working with software

• CM Focus: Synthpop
We kick off a brand new series of in-depth guides to the production techniques behind specific genres – this month, learn all about recreating the retro-cool sounds of modern synthpop

• Reviewed!
Ableton Live 8 • Audio Damage BigSeq2 • Waves Center • u-he Uhbik • JazzMutant Lemur v2.0 • Image-Line Edison • Submersible Music KitCore Deluxe V2 • Toontrack Drumtracker …and more

• Getting Down To Details: Get your productions drum-tight with our indispensable guide!
• Guitar Lab: Our amp sim series moves onto NI's Guitar Rig 3
• Synth Essentials: Scot Solida constructs some scintillating bass patches
• Off The Dial: rachMiel manipulates time to create mad new music
• The Easy Guide: Inside rhythm and time
• The Burning Question: Is the credit crunch affecting the music software industry?
• And much more!

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