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Recording techniques: Jim Davies on compression

Jim and Pete share their compression secrets
Jim and Pete share their compression secrets

Compression is a frequently misunderstood part of the recording process. Many people use it without really understanding what it does or when it should be used. The end result is mixes that lack both clarity and dynamics.

In this video lesson Victory Pill guitarist Jim Davies (formerly of Pitchshifter and The Prodigy) and synths and beats man Pete Crossman demonstrate how compression can be used to effectively control a drum loop so that it sits well in a full band mix.

Pete and Jim also show you how compression plugins can be used on guitar tracks to 'squish' the guitar so that its level can be adjusted without having to resort to using a DAWS automation controls.

For more information, visit the official Victory Pill website, or you can hear them on the Victory Pill Myspace page.