Production tips in every style

Our series of tips lessons will see you producing authentic sounding tracks in no-time
Our series of tips lessons will see you producing authentic sounding tracks in no-time

In this series of production tips features, MusicRadar arms you with the essential know-how required to create authentic tracks in a wide variety of popular genres.

These expert guides were written by people who make music for a living - if you want your productions to sound professional, you've come to the right place.

The lessons

16 slammin' hip-hop production tips
Make your beats bigger and better

20 hot metal production tips
Get that loud and lairy heavy rock sound

23 classic drum 'n' bass tips
Improve your breaks, bass and leads

25 pop tips
MusicRadar's blueprint for chart-topping success

18 kickin' electro tips
Create some Kraftwerk-inspired funk

26 trance tips
Whether you're brand new to trance production or looking for ways to break the mould, MusicRadar can give you a creative boost

22 deep house production tips
Create some soulful summer sounds

14 essential minimal house tips
Advice from dance music's cutting edge

24 happy hardcore tips
Hardcore? We know the score, and soon, you will...

22 pro grime production tips
Sound like Dizzee, Wiley and the rest

Dirty grime production tips
Get the authentic East London sound

23 reggaeton tips
Discover how you can create the perfect fusion of raunchy Jamaican beats and Latino flavour


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