Matrix & Futurebound - crafting a dancefloor DnB remix

In the 90s, Matrix and Futurebound (known to the taxman as Jamie Quinn and Brendan Collins) were titans of the more cerebral side of DnB. The cinematic atmospherics of Futurebound tracks such as Sorrow, and the tech-jazz of Matrix´s minimal rollers like Sleepwalk belied the bombastic anthems to come when the pair began collaborating as a duo in 2005.

Tracks like Strength 2 Strength and American Beauty cemented the duo´s reputation as purveyors of muscular yet musical crowd-pleasers, and their success paved the way for a full-on artist LP, 2007´s Universal Truth. Matrix & Futurebound have had more than their fair share of remix commissions, too, turning Justin Timberlake´s LoveStoned into an electro-house stormer, and The Ian Carey Project´s Get Shaky into a futuristic DnB roller.

In this classic Producer Masterclass from 2009, the pair showed us how they worked their remix magic on Falling by Agent X, featuring Ultra and ex-Sugarbabe Mutya Buena. In the video you´ll see how they reworked the vocal and created an entirely new backing track. From beats and basslines to synthesis and vocal processing, the duo give you full disclosure on their - until now - closely guarded secrets.

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