Weekend riff: Dire Straits - Money For Nothing

The key to understanding Mark Knopfler's playing is getting to grips with his unusual picking technique. He uses a 'thumb and two fingers' technique, which means he rarely plays more than two or three notes at the same time.

In fact, in this riff, thumb and one finger will suffice. The picking directions are a key part of the groove. Choose the wrong picking approach and you can expect the feel to be somewhat different. Watch and listen closely to the video for the instructions.

This is, of course, an iconic tone. The simplest way to recreate it is to use a modern, edgy sounding distortion tone combined with a wah pedal set roughly halfway through its pedal travel.

Click here to download the 'Money For Nothing' preset for the Peavey Vypyr VIP-2

'Money For Nothing'
© 1985 Dire Straits

Tutor: Steve Allsworth
Videographer: Martin Holmes

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