John Butler on acoustic grooves

John Butler has an unusual setup, he uses an eleven string guitar (a 12-string with the octave third string removed), which he uses a variety of tunings on. For this lesson he was tuned to C G C G C E. 'I didn't like it at first, 'cos it seemed like there were too many Cs and Gs, but now I really like it'.

He is a dedicated fingerpicker, but has had to resort to using false acrylic nails as twelve strings 'eat up' his natural nails.

Live John uses a custom pedalboard which he uses for distorted tones as well as his custom wah-slide solos (all still on his acoustic!)

John's philosophy on playing is a relatively simple one, 'I like to think about what I call the circle of rhythm'. The idea is to take a simple pattern of notes and keep a groove rolling, while moving the pattern around the neck.

You can learn John's licks by following our free tab.

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