How to film your band with GoPro

We're all familiar with seeing GoPro footage on YouTube and TV of sports such as surfing or downhill mountain biking. Increasingly, musicians are finding uses for the tiny cameras too, clamping them to their instruments and shooting video from all kinds of interesting angles and sharing the results to amazing effect online.

The new GoPro Hero 3+ Black Music Edition bundle contains removable instrument mounts, a microphone mount, and a Jaws Flex Clamp allowing you to mount cameras on anything from a cymbal stand or guitar headstock, to a mic stand or keyboard, meaning you're only limited by your own imagination when it comes to shooting a video.

In this series we will show you how to get to grips with your own videos shoots, working with audio, and producing amazing edits using GoPro's Studio software.

This series is brought to you in association with GoPro and Madison.

Part 1: preparing for your video shoot

Part 2: basic video editing

Part 3: working with more complex edits and separate audio

About the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Music Edition

The HERO 3+ Black Music Edition has been designed with the filming of musicians in mind, and utilises The Frame - GoPro's new low-profile camera mount - for unintrusive, high-quality recording.

The HERO 3+'s wide-angle, low distortion lens has been adapted to capture performances in low-light environments, and can be controlled remotely via a smartphone or GoPro Wi-Fi remote. It's able record up to two hours of footage at 1080p/30 frames per second (more than enough for most gigs), and can capture audio via an inbuilt mic or 3.5mm mic input.

It also ships with a range of accessories including a removable, non-adhesive instrument mount suitable for guitars, drums, turntables, keyboards and more, a mic stand mount compatible with both US and European standard mic stands, and a Flex Clamp for mounting to cymbal stands and drum hardware (which also has an opposible, removable neck for a wide range of camera angles).

For more information on GoPro visit the Madison website or head to Facebook and Twitter.

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