10-minute lick bag: how to play sweep picked half diminished arpeggios

Four and five-string arpeggios aren't that unusual to rock fans savvy to virtuosos like Yngwie Malmsteen, Richie Kotzen and Vinnie Moore, but these half diminished ones are a little different.

Switching between Am7b5 and Bm7b5 is not a typical rock progression, and this is made more unique because of the way that the notes are organised on the fretboard. Take your time and learn each shape slowly before moving to the next. Adhere to the picking directions, as they will eventually provide you with speed and ease of motion; you're aiming for light pick dynamics and solid fretting hand hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides.

A bridge humbucker into a distorted amp is used here, but you could easily opt for a neck pickup into a clean amp instead.

To best follow the animated tab video select HD and full-screen mode.

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