Win A Copy Of 'Billy Talent III' - The Guitar-Free Version!

Play along to Billy Talent´s riffs with the unique guitar-free version of their new album 'Billy Talent III'.

The 'Guitar Villian' version features count-in clicks so you can play along with the rest of the band minus guitarist Ian D'Sa, and includes two foldout posters of the complete guitar tabs to every track on the album!

TG has four copies to give away - pick up a copy of issue 194 (on sale 5 Oct) for your chance to win. There's also a great interview with Ian D'Sa on how he combines rhythm and lead playing in his own unique style.

We quizzed him on the band's decision to release a guitar-free version of 'Billy Talent III'...

Why did you decide to release a guitar-free version of the new album?

Ian: "We thought it was a cool idea that's never been done before and wanted to be the first! We've been watching youtube clips of our fans playing our songs on guitar for some time now, so we thought it would be something special for the ones that want to play along."

Which songs do you think will be most difficult for people to play?

"I would say 'Saint Veronika' and 'Diamond on a Landmine'. There are some fast riffs and pretty unorthodox chords in those songs! Also, when I was working with the guy that transcribed the songs for the deluxe package, he had a hard time figuring out those two the most. And he's a pro!"

Which of your favourite albums would you like to see do the same?

"I would love to see my favorite Soundgarden album '"Badmotorfinger" be in the same format as this. I must have spent weeks as a teenager trying to figure out that album but there were so many drop tunings and different ways to play it that it would have been so much easier with the tabs and a guitarless disc!"

Watch Billy Talent's all new video 'Devil On My Shoulder' below...