White Stripes To Quit Touring?

Frontman Jack White has revealed that he's 'not bothered' if The White Stripes never hit the road again...

The band axed their 2007 world tour dates after drummer Meg was struck down with acute anxiety.

Referring to their recent collaboration with Beck, Jack said: "Maybe working at Beck's house was something we needed to do to remind ourselves that touring is only one component of what we do. Taking a break from shows isn't going to stop it."

"If it came to a point where Meg said, 'I don't want to be in this band anymore, it doesn't fulfill me in any way,' then it would be a different story. But she's not saying that."

Quizzed by the Los Angeles Times whether their current hiatus will ever end, he continued: "I don't know. It's a good question. I guess it's up to her (Meg)... She seems to be lively. She was really invigorating working together on this 'Conquest' record. I was wondering if she was interested, and she was completely - very, very involved.”

Talking to the LA Times he continued: "If we didn't ever tour again it doesn't matter to me… There are so many different aspects to being creative that it doesn't matter if one component is changed. Because it's been changing all the time since the band started."