Vid Of The Week: Hammett Now 3rd Best Guitarist In Metallica...

Poor Kirk Hammett.

"Dude, your gig is in jeopardy!": James Hetfield's very words to the Hamster as the Metallica shredder enters band HQ to a resounding flamenco jam by none other than bassist Robert Trujillo.

"Maybe you and I should just quit," boggles the Hamster to Hetfield, as their (fairly) newly recruited four stringer blasts through a display of unprecedented rhythmic dexterity on a classical guitar.

Trujillo, who replaced former bass player Jason Newsted in 2003, then pens a riff of such supreme weight that it has Hetfield scrabbling for his trusty Gretsch in an attempt to ape it.

We surmise that Kirk is now the third best player in Metallica, and should rue the day that drummer Lars ever decides to pick up a guitar in case he becomes the fourth...

Check it.