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The Dead Weather: Second Album Could Be Out By Spring

Jack White´s most recent incarnation, The Dead Weather, have

announced that the band´s second album is almost finished.

MR J.W. told Australian radio station, Triple J, “We´re finishing recording the last couple of songs and then I´m
gonna start mixing them in the next two weeks.” Various news sources are now
reporting that the record could see the light of day some time in April.

The band, which also features members of The Kills, Queens
Of The Stone Age and The Raconteurs, headed back into the studio last year,
following a busy summer of touring in support of their first album, ‘Horehound´.

Various snippets and quotes have been floating around since
then, with lead singer Alison Mosshart telling the BBC: “We kind of wrote 15
songs in three days. We had three days off at one point which we didn't expect.”

may well be thinking that it´s not been a long break between debut and
follow-up, and you´d be right. But then they are incredibly talented and
awesome rock stars. The following video is proof of this...

Photo attributed to David Swanson