Stars Help Planet Rock On...

Award winning radio station Planet Rock has been saved from closure by some of rock's biggest names.

British rock legends Tony Iommi, Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Gary Moore, and Fish (Marillion) teamed up to support radio fan Malcolm Bluemel´s acquisition of the station from GCAP Media.

Thousands of fans were outraged and banged the drum to keep their favourite station on air - petitioning amongst others The Prime Minister and OFCOM to ‘Save Our Station´.

Fish joined his starry colleagues in welcoming the announcement: “I always knew that there was a visionary out there who would see the huge potential that Planet Rock has to offer. I am sure that the station will go from strength to strength.”

Gary Moore paid tribute to fellow presenters and the backroom staff who had worked tirelessly to secure a bright future for the station: “A national treasure has been saved for the nation and I look forward to seeing it build on its strengths and current success.”