PRS announce the Guitarbud iPhone cable

The new PRS iPhone app and Guitarbud cable (pictured below) allows players to simultaneously plug their guitar and their headphones into their iPhone.

Frankly, we're amazed that it's taken this long for something like this to see the light of day.

There's a wealth of great iPhone guitar apps, but without a reliable way of monitoring your playing/recording they have felt wasted.

We are therefore very excited about what this will mean for the iPhone's guitar-ing abilities and we reckon the arrival of the Guitarbud will signal the start of a new era of demo-ing and recording through the iPhone.

Gibson and PRS have already got in on the app game and we hope it won't be long before even more gear companies start bringing their own 'iPhone tones' to the table.

The Guitarbud has a £30 RRP and is available direct from PRS for a bit cheaper.

Matthew Parker

Matt is a freelance journalist who has spent the last decade interviewing musicians for the likes of Total Guitar, Guitarist, Guitar World, MusicRadar,, DJ Mag and Electronic Sound. In 2020, he launched, which aims to share the ideas that make creative lifestyles more sustainable. He plays guitar, but should not be allowed near your delay pedals.