Prepare Yourself - Gibson's All New Zoot Suit SG Unveiled!

Gibson's done it again... following the controversial looks of the recently released Gibson Eye we can now reveal the all new Gibson Zoot Suit SG. SG Zoot Suit.jpg

'Zoot' is jazz slang for something that's extravagant, and the Zoot certainly lives up to its name!

The radical design starts with a brand new body built with multiple birch wood laminate pieces all dyed with a different color, then compressed and bonded together to form one solid block of wood. No paint is used.

Slightly heavier than a normal SG it promises more balance, a solid feel, and brighter tones that prove compatible with 496R and 500T pickup configuration.

This Zoot Suit SG is sure to be one of 2009's stand out axes, and retails at just £900.